The method works, my students almost across the board see gains

Greensboro school use KAZ

Greensboro Day School have been using KAZ for several years. 100% of students, grades 4-12, use laptops throughout the curriculum.

Q. How did you hear about KAZ? 

A. A former colleague recommended it.

Q. How important do you think the skill of touch typing is for students in today’s world? 

A. I think being able to type relatively quickly and accurately is very important to succeed in school and business.

Q. How have you implemented KAZ into your time table/learning? 

A. I dedicate several lesson sessions to teaching the students how to use KAZ, then monitor their progress. I assign independent practice based on their WPM and Accuracy scores from Speedbuilder tests. 

Q. What do you think of KAZ’s admin panel and recording of student progress? 

A. I like being able to see their latest WPM/Accuracy, though I wish it would qualify if the Speedbuilder taken was a “just the a-z” or “and the rest” keys. 

KAZ:We are looking into this.

Q. KAZ offering both a mainstream and SEN/Dyslexia edition in their school license – has this helped? 

A. I have only had one student with dyslexia that I used the program with. I appreciated having the option for that student.

Q. How efficient has KAZ been and are the children enjoying it?
A. I would rate it more efficient than fun. Some of the students really like typing and some don’t – I don’t think it is KAZ, I think it is typing in general for the students that don’t really enjoy it. 

Q. Is the fact that KAZ online can be used at school and at home a positive feature and why? 

A. This is a very positive feature and one of the reasons I have stuck with KAZ as I can assign portions of it for homework/independent practice and students may go at their own pace. 

Q. What do you think of KAZ? 

A. I really like KAZ and will keep using it because the method works (my students almost across the board see gains) and it is flexible enough for me to assign it they way I need to for my students. 

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