Priceless !!

 Mainstream Typing Tutor

I needed to learn to type!

“I spend a lot of time at my computer and realised that I really needed to improve my work rate. I’m self-employed and in a ‘light-bulb’ moment decided that I really needed to learn to type – realising that the less time I wasted, typing with two fingers, the more work I could actually get done.” 

How did you hear about KAZ?

I searched the internet but actually spent more time searching for the right product, than it actually took me to learn to type with KAZ! 

I had tried a free typing tutor in the past and another paid one my friend used, which seemed really good, with lots of videos but I just got fed up and frustrated. It looked good online but it just didn’t do the job. I spent hours on the course but.. .

After speaking to my brother, who used KAZ at Uni and can now type, I looked KAZ up, read the testimonials and thought… 90 minutes? I’ll prove that wrong… but I can’t believe it actually worked! 

How important do you think the skill of touch typing is?

If only I’d learned at school 🙁

What do you think of KAZ’s user interface?

Easy to use and simple to navigate. I guess it needs to be if you’re going to learn quickly or in 90 minutes.

KAZ offering both a mainstream and SEN/Dyslexia editions – did this help?

I only needed the mainstream version but I like the fact that they care.

What do you think of KAZ?

Really impressed with the price – cheaper than the bunch of flowers that I bought my girlfriend. (Haha!) Also, my fingers now just seem to go to the right keys without me even thinking about it. Definitely the best decision I made this year.

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