I would like to thank the Kaz team for allowing us to trial the Kaz touch- typing programme at Lyndhurst Dyslexia Centre.

In order to trial the programme, we prioritised a set of dyslexic students in Year 6 who are transitioning to Secondary school next academic year and therefore it was felt that they would particularly benefit from learning to touch-type. A couple of students had some prior experience of other touch-typing programmes. The touch-typing club took place within the Lyndhurst Dyslexia Centre and sessions were offered three times a week for 30 minutes for a month. It definitely speaks volumes about the Kaz touch-typing programme that the students keenly attended these sessions before school!

All students progressed well through the programme; building on both their speed and accuracy. A number of the students commented on how the programme progressed them swiftly and they enjoyed being able to self-monitor their own progress. In observing the students, I felt the ease of progression through the programme and the fact that students were allowed to progress through the stages without having to pass tasks at a certain speed or accuracy was very motivating. At the end of the programme the students commented on how much their touch- typing skills had improved from completing the course and they were delighted with their certificates. All students are now choosing to type their work in the Centre and are using touch-typing skills.

All of the students benefitted and were keen to personalise their settings and having the chance to choose background and font colours is proven to benefit dyslexic learners. I also observed the students continually making use of the keyboard positioned on the computer screen to ensure they were touch-typing. One of the students had a great idea this week and explained that we should take a picture of the keyboard and tape it above the computer screen like they do in the Kaz programme!

As a teacher I found setting up the Kaz programme for a group very simple and it was easy to monitor students progress. For extra chance to practise, students did have an opportunity to use the programme at home and found this beneficial.

I would highly recommend this programme for anyone working with Dyslexic students.

Thanks so much for letting us trial Kaz and we are now looking forward to introducing the programme to more of our students.

Ruth Pierce
Specialist Dyslexia Teacher and Assessor Lyndhurst Dyslexia Centre, Grove Lane Camberwell

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