Touch typing – probably the most overlooked basic and fundamental training tool.

Zenon Texeira, director of, a well renowned, exclusive high end book publishing house commented, “I was shocked when I used your  ROI calculator. We spend thousands on staff training. The cost savings gained for just one member of staff will pay for other training!”

His company, Opus, primarily specialises in high end book publications and has an impressive array of exclusive and limited edition books. 

‘At OPUS, our mission is to produce definitive publications, featuring the finest writers, stunning images, displayed on an epic scale and presented in a beautifully-designed, luxury format…. The use of special colour processes, the highest grade paper stocks, and painstaking attention to detail in reproduction of pictures combine to ensure an unparalleled visual feast. Individually hand-bound and designed to stand the test of time, available in strictly limited edition print runs worldwide and personally signed by legends, every Opus is a collectors item, offering investment potential and pleasure for generations to come.’ 

Zenon continues, “For large format and high end publications, accurate data input is vital and with all the intricacies of language and grammar, even more so. Our product is aimed at the high end market and our clients expect the best. Each stage of product development, from design through to production is verified and signed off. Each is as important as the other and if we can input our data faster and more accurately, make our IT and technicians more efficient, then this all contributes to a superior product and a much quicker delivery time. Our books can take several months to produce, so time management is crucial for successfully meeting deadlines and delivery. 

The majority of us can all type, especially the designers but what is amazing is how quickly and easily bad habits creep in. It is now company policy to allocate a couple of hours each year in our training days, for a refresher on KAZ.

For a full view of the Opus catalogue:

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