Which is the best touch typing software?

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There are numerous comparison sites such as; thetop10sites.com, bestadvisor.com, typinglounge.com and learntotouchtype.com. They all review typing software. They highlight both the positives and negatives of each product and provide tips on how to help improve your typing technique, how to up your accuracy and how to learn to type faster.

Individuals, schools, businesses and typing comparison sites all look for different criteria when choosing or recommending typing software.

Criteria such as:

Price – is it free, affordable or expensive?

Teaching method – is it proven to work?

Is it game-based?

Is it suitable for Mac/PC and available online and/or as a download etc.?

Is it inclusive – suitable for mainstream individuals, as well as those with differences like dyslexia?

So many questions! 

So what should you look for? What should a good touch typing software include?

If you want to be assured of choosing the right typing software, here are a few points to consider.

Is the product:

Safe and secure 

Developed through science and research

Tried, tested, proven to work

Easy to use  

Builds muscle memory 

Monitors & records progress and highlight problem keys

Works across all platforms 

Truly inclusive, catering for both mainstream and neurodivergent individuals


Industry recognised

Safe and Secure

All software, especially if it is online, should be safe and secure to use. You, your children, your students or your employees’ data should be protected at all time. Ensure the software company you buy from is registered with a data protection organisation, follows their strict rules and regulations and has its ‘Privacy Policy’ available to view on their website  

Developed through science and research

A product that has been developed through science and research, holds authority and gives confidence when buying

Tried, tested, proven to work

A proven ‘teaching method’ that has been trialled, tested and proven to work and teaches you to type quickly and efficiently offers reassurance, especially when research papers are provided

Easy to Use

Simple and light-hearted presentation with easy to follow instruction is key to learning. Busy and complicated features can confuse, distract, delay or put off learning

Builds muscle memory 

If you’re serious about learning to touch type, you need to invest in a software that includes modules to develop automaticity, as it is only through the repetition of typing real word vocabulary that muscle memory is built. Many software give a taste of finger movements and skill, but they do not offer sufficient exercises to develop automaticity

Monitors and records progress 

Programs that monitor and record progress will allow you to evaluate your touch typing technique and progression. Choose one that will highlight problematic keys, allow you to re-fresh in the areas you need to – strengthening your weaknesses

Works across all platforms 

Typing software should be available across all platforms, to suit individual preference: Download for Mac and PC, Online and in SCORM format, suitable for LMS 


Truly inclusive, catering for both mainstream and neurodivergent individuals 

If you are an individual with special educational needs, or an education or business establishment, choose a software that is truly inclusive, suitable for both mainstream and neurodivergent individuals, as this will cater for everybody and help level the playing field. The program should be multi-sensory and include features such as a preference screen to address visual disturbances 

Industry recognised

A product that has been recognised, i.e. shortlisted or has won awards, shows its calibre and worth and reassures you when buying 


On reviewing a selection of touch typing software, they all had their positives and negatives. Several claimed to be superior products, using various teaching methods but have their methods been tried, tested and proven to work? Is there any scientific research to say they have and if so, is it published for all to see? I couldn’t find any.

However, one software that has been tried, tested and proven to work, have published their findings on their website and did tick all the boxes was… KAZ Type.

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