Can you spare 90 minutes? What if I now told you it will save you a YEAR in your working life?

If I asked you that question in general, you would immediately take notice but if I then told you it’s to teach you typing skills… you would probably respond; ‘I can type fine with 2 fingers’…’I’ve developed a method which is brill’…”My typing’s good enough”…

Typing is a skill – just like driving. We are taught to drive. We have lessons, followed by a test to confirm proficiency. Every laptop, desktop, Chromebook is sold with an attached keyboard. How are we expected to be efficient on a computer, where many of us spend several hours per day, when we do not have proficiency using its keyboard?

We should not be happy just doing enough to get by. We should be asking, what we can do better that can really make a difference to our daily lives. 

If the average working life is to age 65, it is relatively easy to work out the hours /days /months of our lives we can potentially save by learning this skill.

OK – first lets get the facts, stats and then make some assumptions on which to base our calculations.

From 1000 free typing tests taken on our KAZ website, 69.7% of the ‘typists’ type at at less than 35wpm… that is almost 7 out of 10 people unable to type efficiently. (Check out our test – it’s free, will only cost you 90 seconds of your life and you will then be able to accurately predict how much of your working life can be saved.)

For ease of calculations, let’s assume you need to spend 2 hours per day in front of your PC, typing at a speed of 25wpm on emails, work, essays etc., 

If you fall into the above 69.7% category (assuming you’re typing non-stop): 25wpm x 60mins x 2hours =  3000 words in 2 hours

I realise it doesn’t quite work this way but just stay with me for a little longer…

If you fall into the latter, 30% typist category, you should be able to type at 50 wpm (the majority of users leave KAZ at this point): 50wpm x 60mins x 2 hours = 6000 words in 2 hours or 3000 words per 1 hour = a saving of 1 hour per day.

Double the word count in exactly the same time. 

(Out of interest, from the typing tests taken, the remaining 30% typed in excess of 50wpm or much higher!)

Now what if I told you the average speed test of those 69.7% tests taken,was just 18!

Imagine how much of your life you can potentially save. Wouldn’t you prefer to be more productive or be doing something else with all that time?

So continuing …

Current age: 35 (retire at 65)

Wpm: 25 (taken from KAZ free typing test)

Working 5 days per week and spending 2 hours per day at the computer

You already know you could save 5 hours per week by learning to type properly.

5 hours x 52 weeks = 260 hours per year saved

260 hours x 30 years working life remaining = 7800 hours used up or saved – You decide!

That actually amounts to: 325 days  (7800 hours / 24 hours per day)

Now imagine if you are one of the 69.7% typing at 18 wpm or less and spending a longer time at the computer? I’ll let you enjoy the math on that one… but it’ll save you over a year!

Ever wondered what you would do, if you had an extra YOU… Well, here’s how to save a year at least!

The KAZ method was developed through years of research and with huge investment from the 3i group. It was designed through innovation, using an accelerated learning teaching method and was tested in over 300 education centres across the UK, prior to launch. It was only launched when 93% of learners touch typed the a-z keys in less than 90 minutes. Furthermore, it was tested by the Open University, who were so impressed with the results, they produced a white paper and deployed KAZ to all 90,000 + students per annum for over 14 years.

It is still the only typing tutor available on the UK’s Learndirect site and the US’ OpenSesame.

Missed out on learning this skill in the past, don’t miss out on learning it now. These figures should help you decide.

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