Get ready, get set, goooooooo!

The KAZ Worldwide Touch typing Tournament 2020

KAZ touch typing software was designed for minimal teacher intervention. Being online, students can access the course from both school and home, allowing learning to continue beyond the classroom.

The KAZ admin panel has now been further developed. It is simpler to use, fully comprehensive, yet easy to navigate.  Class lists can be uploaded in seconds and that includes emailing all students with logon details! Additionally, teachers have the ability to monitor all student progress from the comfort of their PC.

Our new worldwide typing tournament was developed through requests from Head and IT teachers and designed to encourage the natural competitive spirit within students and to incentivise them to learn the skill quickly. With prizes for the winning student and school, there really is nothing to lose. The only thing we ask is that schools either have a current licence or take out a KAZ licence, in order to compete!

Furthermore, teachers can now also hold their own school competition, as all data from the testing will be available in their admin panel. Students will be ranked in highest scoring order.

(Please note: teachers will only have access to their own student data.)

Only KAZ administrators will have access to the cumulative student data and the results of the top students will be published on our site, at the end of each month. Naturally we will display a pseudonym for the student but will display the school name.

Teachers, it really couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is click the ‘Typing Tournament’ tab in your admin panel and all students already uploaded will automatically be entered. Students simply log on via the ‘cup’ on the header bar of our website or follow this link : Typing Tournament 

There is no limit to the number of attempts, however only the highest score will be registered in the School admin panel and KAZ Super admin panel. At the end of June, the student with the top score will receive the winner’s certificate and a free City & Guilds Licence and their school will be awarded the winners trophy, free annual renewal of their KAZ licence and lots of publicity!

The advantages of learning typing skills are really too numerous to mention but in life and work the skill is invaluable. Reports, essays and emails all typed in as little as 30% of the time taken as opposed to the conventional ‘hunt and peck’ method. 

Teachers, give your students a head start – Teach them to type – Make it fun – Enter the tournament!

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